Welcome to Lakewood Lodge #601 F&AM

Lakewood Lodge #601 held its first meeting over 110 years ago in 1908. Since that time, our lodge has been home to leaders in our community, decorated members of our nation’s military and a wide array of brethren from the unique and diverse cultural hub of Lakewood, Ohio.

Among our brethren, you’ll find men from different backgrounds, with different tastes in music, culture and style. Musicians and teachers, accountants and contractors, bartenders and entrepreneurs, all who share the bond of fraternity.

While our lodge is known for having one of the youngest average member ages in Freemasonry, we pride ourselves in our foundation of Past Masters who not only carried the torch for Lakewood #601, but also stuck around to pass along their wisdom and experience.

Stated Meetings 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7:30pm

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