Whence Came You? – 0586 – Finding Adam Kendall


Join us this week with an extended episode and interview with WB:. Adam Kendall. Brother Adam is a world-renowned speaker, Blue Friar, curator of Masonic history, and much more. This week we’re talking about just about everything. Don’t miss it! Thanks for listening and have an amazing week! Links:

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The Philalethes Society: https://philalethes.myshopify.com 

The Masonic Society: https://themasonicsociety.com/content/ 

Masonic Library and Museum Association: https://www.wa-masoniccharities.org/library-museum/ 

Purdue OWL (for Chicago Manual of Style):  https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/chicago_manual_17th_edition/cmos_formatting_and_style_guide/chicago_manual_of_style_17th_edition.html 

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