As a Mason progresses through the degrees, he learns that becoming “educated” or “enlightened” to the craft is a central theme of Freemasonry.  A Mason learns that moving from darkness to light and the quest for more light makes a Mason a better Mason and a man a better man.  Education is promoted in all forms in the lodge.  A Mason is encouraged to pick up some books on the liberal arts and geometry to use in his every day life.  A Mason is also encouraged to treat Freemasonry as a life-long learning process and to be ever searching for and attaining more light throughout his life. 

Gaining more light in Freemasonry is sometimes a challenge due to the vast amount of information out on the web and in print regarding our fraternity.  In a world where anyone can write anything and post it for the world to see in minutes, it is important that one vet the source of the information before delving too deeply into the content.  This is not to say that one should be ignorant of the opposing ideas, but rather gauging the source to accurately weigh what is presented as factual.  There is much inaccurate and fabricated information written about Freemasonry.  Everything that you will find on this website is provided or recommended by the Grand Lodge of Ohio or other similar authoritative body. 

It should also be noted that most of what Freemasons study is not secretive.  Our “secrets” are merely our ancient rituals and modes of recognition, none of which will ever be legally disseminated by any Freemason.  For non-Masons, please enjoy reading about our ancient craft!  It is our hope that you too gain some light from our site and your interest in Freemasonry grows.   

We have assembled some educational packages that our candidates should study and apply as a complement to their examinations.  Please contact the Lodge Education Officer for more information regarding the course of study you should be engaging in based on your degree.   



The Entered Apprentice Degree

The Fellow Craft Degree

The Master Mason Degree

Education For All Master Masons

Recommended Reading

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