The Master Mason Degree

The Master Mason Degree is the final degree in Freemasonry and the culmination of your many months of study.  Having the Master Mason Degree conferred upon you is a great honor.  You have accepted the responsibilities and high standards of living that we, as Master Masons, have all agreed to. Becoming a Master Mason should be celebrated because few men qualify for membership and fewer complete the course of study successfully.

The newly raised Master Mason should also view the degree as a beginning because it is at this point that you are concluding formal instruction and will be seeking more light on your own.  Once you have completed the assigned work below, you should read the other education materials provided on this website as well as books off of the recommended reading list.  The Lodge Education Officer can always provide direction and more materials if you so desire.

You are now expected to learn the Master Mason Manual below and must still complete the Master Mason examination within the prescribed time to gain full membership within the lodge.  As with the preceding degrees, your coach will be available to assist you in learning the exam and answering all of your questions.

The Master Mason Manual



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